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Тайна, скрытая за материей - введение

Конспект составлен по книгам: "Возвращённый оккультизм" и "Кабалистическая астралогия".
Ниже мы предлагаем читателю некоторый способ видения мира, как плотного, так и тонкого. Фильм "Тайна, скрытая за материей" в You-Tube подтверждает и научно обосновывает реальность существования описанных нами иных миров и способов управления сознанием.

This energetic structure consists mainly out of two components:

  • Energetic bodies (centers).
  • Energetic canals/ channels (chakral centers).

Some readers may wonder why they are being offered new words and expressions that they did not know before for a review, long sentences loaded with deep meaning and so on.. About that, I would like to say the following right away.

One of the most important sciences in the world – it’s linguistics but she doesn't guess it yet. There is nothing more important than the language because it is the connection between a human and the thin world. In such processes as learning, creativity, thinking, feeling, what language our subconsciousness speaks to us (and this is primarily being often used in thoughts or speeches), largely determines the process and result of these processes. And even the external formalization of the results of any activity plays a fundamental/principled role: thin moments, for which in fact, can only be transmitted in an adequate language and any attempts to express them in a rough dialect invariably fail. Many volumes of philosophical, scientific, and artistic works are overflowed with the desire to convey a thought or a feeling without finding the appropriate language, to the great detriment of humanity's desire to understand.

I would like to warn the reader if he finds any contradictions and disagreements with previously known information about the chakras or bodies, that the anatomy of astral bodies of representatives of different alien civilizations, which were born at this current moment on the planet Earth in the image of a person, is very diverse. Those which are born not only, for example, from the constellation of the Pleiades and Sirius (ca. 4-6% of the total population of the earth) but also souls of completely different characters and character levels, such as angels, gods, demons (good and bad), goddesses, reptiles, etc.. All these creatures have different anatomical structures and the number of astral bodies, chakras or sub-planes of chakras, but really everyone has 7 main bodies and 7 main chakras , who are born in the image of a person. They may perhaps be inactive or in a dormant state.

Human bodies connect to each other by various channels, of which the main ones are the chakras. Functionally, the chakras are designed to transmit various information and energy flows through a person: from the egregor to the world and back. Each chakra is able to pass through itself a very wide range of streams, both high and low, and, accordingly, has its own projections on each of the seven main subtle "physical" bodies. Thus, if you imagine the bodies are located horizontally, each on its own frequency band of characteristic vibrations, the chakras are, on the contrary, vertical channels that pass through the body, but have a specific vibration, which is a characteristic overtone for the chakra, which is felt on each body uniquely.

Each of these subtle bodies (centers) corresponds to its own vertebra (32 vertebrae), its own tooth (32 teeth) and, accordingly, a part of the body. The main 32 parts of the body include: the system of 20 fingers, the system of seven parts of the body, the system of five participles - the elbows and knees and the jaw. This leads the author of the site to the idea of "33 main centers".

A human has seven well-known and thoroughly studied bodies: the physical, the etheric, the astral and so on, of which only the physical is observable. Let's consider at the current moment only the astral, which is responsible for the psyche and emotional life and relates to the subtle bodies, i.e. to the subtle world. Let's imagine that a person's astral body has become ill, for example, depression has begun. As a result of depression, the tone of the protective forces decreased, and the pathogenic microbe, is always present in certain quantity in the body, will multiply uncontrollably.

Another example: a person has pneumonia. In this case, the last material cause of the disease is insufficient activity of lymphocytes. The reason for the fall of this activity was already in the disease of the astral (subtle) body. Of course, both microbes and lymphocytes of the physical world have analogues in the subtle world, between which there are certain laws of interaction (for more information, check out the topic "Diseases of the seven bodies").

From the point of view of the karmic egregor , the main work of a person is his daily life, and the main tools which were given to help him, all of his bodies are: physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhial and atmanic. Between these bodies there are various vertical connections and yet they still live, if I may say, in each of our own lives, so it’s to a large extent autonomous and often are disagreed, that a person may suffer in life.

In general, the science of the human as a whole does not exist; and although the author does not doubt that it will be created and achieve significant success within the next hundred years, presently there is more than modest information about the structure, functions and interconnection of the subtle bodies, so the author asks the reader to take the following descriptions (which are certainly incomplete and may be somewhere wrong) as the first impressions of a traveler who has traveled around the globe in twenty days, but not as a detailed geographical Atlas.

Therefore, for a general understanding, we provide only an operational description of bodies, so the determination of situations when the corresponding body is extremely stressed.

The physical body is a subject of study for doctors, PE teachers, sports coaches, Hatha yogas, nutrition and healthy lifestyle specialists.

Эфирное телоThe etheric body is the energy matrix that builds the physical body, for example, a child grows up or a wound heals. The largest human energy is associated with the etheric body, which is normalized (or disturbed) by food, communication with the elements and sexual relations. The state of the etheric body determines the vital tone of a person and his immunity; it is in the center of doctors attention after a successful operation or trauma — the speed of healing of the physical body and its ability to fight infection depend of his current state— external or internal. A person with a strong etheric body is in excellent health, it is easy to pass the cold and without much effort to plunge into an icy hole. On the contrary, a person with a weak etheric body gives the impression of being clogged, unkempt, some general misery — you get the instinct to warm, feed, give him shelter for the night and some money for the rest of his life.

The astral body is connected with the emotional sphere of the human life; love, hate, sensuality and any other emotions overwhelm the person, the essence of the indicators of the active life of the astral body, which is generally much more mobile essential (respectively, mental body is more mobile than astrals , etc.). A human with a strong astral body easily excites his surrounders, causing a variety of emotions (often not intended) and also excites himself easily. However, do not think that the energies of the astral body can feed the etheric: it is not the case and the most violent and emotional sympathy physically slightly helps the hungry people. A human with a strong, but uncontrollable , let’s say, „uncultured“ astral body causes mixed feelings,, even on a theatralic stage; in everyday life, it is often intolerable, although on the other hand, it can serve as a source of energy for various vampires who get fed of the energy of other people's emotions.

Regarding the last category which often includes people with poorly developed astral bodies. They give the impression of being cold, indifferent, and impenetrable; indeed, they rarely have strong emotional moments, much less superficial empathy, which, however, does not in itself mean a low moral or spiritual level. The fact is that the astral body is connected precisely with the surface emotions; for example love, but not the sublime or deep love that is the vibrations of higher bodies.

On the contrary, a person with a strong mental body even if not particularly flexible, feels good and comfortable in society; he can easily fill the companion with his arguments and reasonings, using them not as a tool to understand the world but as a weapon of war, and often after that he is very happy with himself. However, a strong mental body means precisely the ability to combine various considerations — it does not give the possibility of going up; its functions are somewhat different, they are rather characterized by the concepts of "understanding", "construction" and "management".

The causal body is a subject of special interest for fortune-tellers, since it encodes the dense karma of a person — specific events of his external life and distinct experiences of the inner one. When the "seal of death" appears on a person's face, as it is sometimes being said, it means that the beholder of this "seal" has actually considered and interpreted the corresponding sign on the causal body. The causal body is sometimes very active and expressive and then all sorts of presentiments, sensations of future events, etc., arise in relation to this person. A person with a strong causal body is a tasty piece for the psychoanalyst, since he lives largely under the influence of specific events of his past, having got to the bottom of which and brought them to consciousness together with a subconscious interpretation, the analyst can correct and normalize energy flows, directing them to a natural channel (he will say, for example, to free the libido from the yoke of infantile fixation). On the contrary, a person with a weak causal body practically does not have premonitions, prophetic dreams, etc. however, he is slightly connected with his past, which does not follow him with long heavy tails, but, on the contrary, is quickly forgotten in the flow of current events, which, however, is also perceived by a person as not too significant, no matter how much the events are not emphasized in his mental or astral bodies.

You should always distinguish between a strong body and a strong body controlled by the will and consciousness of a person. For example, in this case, a strong but poorly controlled causal body gives a person such as a witch-fortune-teller or a manipulator sorcerer, around whom "something" is constantly happening (that is, swirling streams of dense karma) and who undoubtedly influence other people's destinies, but the nature of this influence and its results are not always controlled by them, especially in relation to themselves personally. A strong controlled causal body gives a mage-priest or priest who clearly sees the immediate future of the dense plan and influences it directly, but within reasonable limits, that is, without leading to a strong disturbance of the dense karmic flow. However, the weakness of the causal body (and, consequently, poor vision of dense karma) does not always mean little realizational power or low spirituality — some magicians work at the next level.

Основные сюжеты The buddhi body contains information related to thin karma, those are the main stories that lead to the development of dense events. The buddhic body has a primary interest for teachers, spiritual leaders, and psychologists who seek to change the fundamental mental structures in a person and their corresponding life stories, which are closely related to their basic life positions, ethics and specific ways of perceiving the world.

Around a person with a strong buddhic body arises a characteristic existential-psychological tension, in which others lose their usual defenses and begin to sincerely talk about what they are most concerned about, but discuss not specific events and problems (the causal body), but their psychological difficulties, questionable life positions, problems of their general development, etc., shortly, everything that can be called the methodology of the life path — external and internal. Meeting with such a man can greatly change the life, but the sickness preceding such change, would be significant and likely will be accompanied by strong changes of character and Outlook; but in the orbit of a man with a strong buddhial body often get people already in a state of deep crisis; it will help them to get out of it or make it worse, depends on the level of this body, which is impossible without the direct aid of the egregore. Such a person can clearly see the subtle karma, and the psychological background of those around him is most often visible in the palm of his hand — all except their specific spiritual problems.

On the contrary, a person with a weak buddhic body does not understand why there is so much fuss around all this psychology, which for him is like divination on coffee grounds for a mature atheist. His life positions are not particularly significant for him and he does not feel that his life in the dense plan is the materialization (embodiment) of certain plots that have a fatal power over him, but from which he still wants to escape by some miracle. It does not interfere with its character, and it does not feel its power over itself and its circumstances, as well as the need to change something in itself and its perception of the world; it does not see the character of others and the future plots of their lives, but again this is not always a sign of a low spiritual level.

People with a strong atmic body probably (at least for themself but often for others) feel a spark of god in themself or their own straight connection with god and it is in this context the main content of their life; at the high level they they to attach to their god (or rather channel of communication with him) their flock. For this person, it is not clear how one can live without god and strive for anything other than him; however, the connection with the absolute can be carried out in different ways, for example, through religiously understood love, knowledge, work, etc. and then the person pronounces these words for himself as if with a capital letter. Generally speaking, a strong atmanic body does not necessarily mean spiritual development; if it is unmanageable, a person can run erratically in religious streams, talk only about God or sufficiently elevated matters, but carry only chaos, fanaticism and profanation of religious ideas into the world; however, conscious control of the atmanic body is only partially achievable and requires the direct help of the karmic egregor — only then can a person become a real spiritual teacher.

The weakness of the atmic body gives indifference to religion, in any case, the conscious man: prayers, high meditation and conversations on abstract religious and philosophical themes it likely won't attract, and what other people are doing in the church, it is not always clear (except when begging). However, this person should not be accused of lack of spirituality: spirituality means following a personal evolutionary program defined by the karmic egregor of a person, and this program may well relate to working primarily with one or two bodies, while the rest are meant to be sleepy-dormant, and sometimes very high souls with an extremely responsible program are embodied with artificially muted higher bodies — for them, this incarnation — it is like a descent into hell, where they are given a very specific task in their inner reality, which may not have a direct relationship to spirituality, but, nevertheless, plays an important role in the evolution of man.

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