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Chronological and esoteric history analysis prior to Adam and Eve

Brief history description according to the first three books by G.A. Sidorov.
Die Geschichte, die wir in der Schule lernen, widerspricht sich sehr stark mit dem was Sie hier lesen.

So, according to the Russian Vedas the human evolved not from the apes. Rather the ape descended from the human that is proved by the science, but it is ignored. Darwin himself refused his own theory at the end of the life, but who knows about it???

The highly civilized people come to Earth many times. They came from other planets, built the long-term bases, and when the conditions became unfavorable, they flew back. First of all, they built the pyramids on their bases. The pyramids have never actually been the tombs. Anyone has never buried inside them. The pyramids were built on Earth to conduct the initiations, to link the human consciousness with the force fields of the higher intelligence, to transfer the matter into information and vice versa - from the information into the matter. Thanks to this property and the property of the pyramid to store the energy it was used as a huge machine to teleport anywhere in the world, as well as to the native planet of any particular star system. Having lost own pyramid, some races, remaining detached from their mother country and being in the adverse conditions, within thousands or millions of years turned into the humanoid creatures of the Stone Age, who were wild, wicked, devouring each other.

in the topic „The structure of space and time“ it is discussed, that the time is not entirely linear, and that it is possible to move in any direction within it. Therefore, the arrival and departure of the same civilizations in different periods of the Earth existence is quite understandable. In the future, we will focus only on those civilizations that have remained on the Earth for a long period of time. Some of them are our remote ancestors.

Im weiteren wird die Rede nur von jenen Zivilisationen sein, die auf der Erde für eine lange Zeitspanne geblieben sind. Manche von ihnen, wie wir es weiter sehen werden, waren unsere fernen Vorfahren.

So, during the Mesozoic, in the middle of the Triassic the first non-humanoids came to the Earth from the space. The traces of them have not been found on the planet surface yet. We are talking not about people, but about the creatures in the scales. There are not the traces of the latter on the surface of the Earth, because they are the inhabitants of its depth.

A little bit later there was the civilization of humanoids of the white race, with green or blue eyes, brown hair, who were slim and very beautiful. They came from the constellation of Orion, from the ninth planet (there are 16 planets in total) from the star "Stozhary". About 700,000,000 years ago the stage of the closed planetary evolution (microevolution) of people came to an end on their planet. Its population entered the second and last phase of the evolutionary process - superevolution (macroevolution). In other words, the esoteric or occult civilization was completely formed. We can say that the whole universe belonged to the population of the planet. The carriers of consciousness reached the most remote stars and even galaxies with the speed of thought, going from the matter into the information field and back again…

It happened about 66 million (66 + 6 zeros) years ago. It was a great global catastrophe and the first victory of the Prince of Darkness. There is a very ancient Veda about a deadly battle of the red giants and non-humanoid snakehead creatures (dragons). The stroke delivered by the red giants was deathful for the fauna of the planet. Several asteroids fell on Earth at this time, not one. The red people hardly and powerfully resisted to the evel. But the asteroids came from the Sun, they were certainly invisible and operated.

The red giants survived. Although their cities that were mostly located on the shores of the seas and were covered with the transparent domes, were destroyed. For some time the red people also had to go under the ground. They built their refuges in the mountains. Perhaps this is why their bodies and skeletons are often found there.

Not only the survivors, but also other races participated in the revival of the planet – certainly, the residents of the ocean shelves and even our white ancestors. Over a few thousand years due to the joint efforts all of the deserts of the Earth again turned to the territories of life and prosperity. The forever dead Mesozoic conifers were replaced with the new flowers, and different kinds of mammals appeared instead of the extinct dinosaurs. It happened without any million-aged evolution - mostly because of the skill and ability to materialize objects and living beings. After the planet flora and fauna restoration of the red giants returned to their mother country, but a small group of them remained there. Subsequently, they lost touch with the center and degraded. They have never appeared on Earth again.

After the main part of red giants left the Earth, the race of big-headed people began their resettlement on the continents. Those were the people who compared to us, were below average height, with a large head and large features.

Am Anfang bauten diese kleinen Menschen auf der Erde eine langfristige Basis auf. Trotzdem, offenbar wegen des Verbindungsverlustes mit dem Mutterland oder auch wegen irgendwelcher anderer Ursachen, verfielen sie immer weiter und weiter.

It is most likely that the big-headed people appeared on our planet periodically. Their last visit ended in a conflict with one of the races (presumably with the dark brown Sirisuans). Then they again began to degenerate very quickly. And in the early Pliocene, about 5 million years ago, they presumably evolved into the Australopithecus (the human primates).

According to the Akashic records, 12,000,000 years ago, some star systems in our galaxy were threatened by the imminent disintegration and inevitable coagulation in the information. For this reason, almost at the same time a part of the population from the satellites "Stozhar" and the double star of Sirius appeared in the world. The Sirius citizens were not the cold-water race, so they chose a place close to the equator in East Africa. There they first built the long-term bases that were flooded by the displaced persons. The great Lemuris frourished there later - the earthly Sirius paradise! The planet "Or" in the constellation of Orion, unlike the Sirius planet was more distant from the sun, and was mostly covered with snow so on the Earth they were located closer to the north. Their human physiology and mentality at more than 18 degrees were in the kess optimal working mode and became impaired.

During the mass migration of both races - both from Sirius and Orion constellation – they left their observers on the Earth's orbit. Mara – the chief of the space observers- then somehow managed to embroil both moved races on the Earth. And about 9 million years ago there was such a war that then during 5 million years all territory of the East African Rift was covered by a sizzling radiation that all life was lost in those places.

As it is proved by both Buddhist and Vedic chronicles, the conflict ended due to the intervention of both metropolises. Both the Sirius people, and the inhabitants of the Orion constellation, tried to punish a wicked Mara. But he escaped from retaliation in the prominences of supernova. Surely someone helped him - it can be assumed that they were our non-humanoid friends. It is hard to find another explanation. In fact Mara presented their interests on the Earth. Escape from the prosecution in the force field of the supernova gave Mara another name. Now he was called Lucifer - the Light-emitting. Over time, he gathered surviving observers around him and obtained several allies.

Later, Mara-Lucifer received his own very powerful egregore called Satan. He brought under his control several affined, rather aggressive non-humanoid space civilizations and coming back to the Earth level, created his secret cult. The cult inside the temple priesthood. The cult of the God of the desert and death - Seth in Egypt. For example, the illuminati are among the custodians of this cult.

The consequences of the Great War forced some Orian people, including brown ones, to resettle. The part of the Orian people stayed in the north, and some of them lived together with the brown inhabitants from Sirius on Atlantis.

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