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Обращение в еврейскую общину города Amberg, а затем Мюнхена.

Hello my dear and near to my heart the community's members.

What do you think about our Jewish cemetery? Do you like it?For example, do you like one and the same repetitive cut on a stone (the last 20 graves)? The number and monotony of inscriptions? Namely: two letters of Hebrew language (strictly on the Star of David), which mean–"here lies"; below the name and the date is written in Hebrew; below the name and date in Latin; and in the end 5 Hebrew letters –"May his soul be tied in the knot of life"? On any new stone there is no drawing. Always one and the same size of the gravestone and the frame attached to it for the ground or stones, allottedas the only bridgehead for the creativity.But, as a constant plus for our community – it's a quite good discount from the mason on the repeating templates. In other words, additional changes- additional charge.

But maybe we'll stop and think about, whether should we banal repeat the old habits of collective thinking of our dear precursors or not!? Just chew those facts over: whether will we pay off the care and putting up of money into the already deceased, or not again?And whether should we worry about the aesthetic sense of beauty within the Jewish cemetery or … not?

ToraAnd you know what? After I have read the Torahthrough several times and being interested in Kabbalah, I could not find there the categorical assertions and evidence that the next world does not exist. These books just almost say nothing about that. The impression is that in ancient times someone forcibly cut such information from the religious books.That's why I can't agree with those rabbis, who don't believe in the existence of life after death. Otherwise! The life affirming Judaism looks at the death very interesting. It believes that a cause ofdeath - is a sin, but the death expiates the sin,preparing the person to the Court and invention of share in the life to come, and the resurrection from among the dead in the end times. The individual human life doesn't end with death,like a way of Holy One of Israel doesn't end with the expulsion (a quote from the Torah). By the way, please note that those statements bring an additional deeper meaning: – "Who doesn't sin, doesn't get old."And I ask you to notice that you can sin in your thoughts, destroying yourself from the inside.

Also think about the Kabbalah (Jewish book of magic)! The universal law of universe states: The vital force of any creature goes where it guides - "Focus of your concentrated observation", "Focus of close (concentrated) Attention". In other words, something that we pay our attention, feel, see or think, is beginning to change under the influence of our personal psychic power flowing into it. If someone has read the Kabbalah, he will understand me, when I'm talking that,namely, at this law all its magic and a huge number of esoteric (secret) techniques are designed.

The modern spiritual trends argue that the attention is the charged microparticles and the process of their movement and their transformation. Any value is determined by the concentration of 2 values: attention of the power and information (scheme, pattern). Everything is built on them. It is the most valuable product in the universe (read books by Oris). Therefore, most likely the artist, the creator of the monument, receives about 10% of the attention, the tenant gets about 20%, who takes care of the tomb is also unclear. The tombstone frame is used as a storage device, and the gravestone – as an antenna to other worlds, where the soul of the dead person is and the remaining percentage of the attention goes to the soul.

Let me give you an example:

We stand before the grave and think about the recently deceased close person. If we think about him and at the same time experience a fear or love, suffering or happiness, sadness or joy, we either disturb or help him with our attention.So, I think that by recalling your deceased relatives sadly and monotonously (and such condition is easily calling up with the surrounding space), we bring harm not only to them, making their way up difficult , but also to ourselves, underestimating the strength of our own thinking and attracting with the magic of thoughts the related events into the daily lives.

Jüdenschrift To be more conscious, I propose to all of us, dear Jews, to be more often wondering: whether does it make sense for us what we are doing at the moment or not.For example, is there any sense in the lines in Hebrew, if his relatives according to certain circumstances don't understand the written words?Is it not enough to have a six-pointed star that shows that a Jew lies here!?

As the examples, please, see some photos of other cemeteries and monuments I took from the Internet.

Perhaps, many of you even don't know that they match the rule, which comes from one of the ancient rabbis.He believed that in the sight of the Lord everyone is equal and therefore it's unfair , when a rich Jew make a huge vault for himself to the envy of poor people.This rule has created a tendency, especially among the Orthodox Jews, to create the simple and strong gravestones (with various texts of poetic style and an ornament). Only in the rare Jewish cemeteries the height of gravestones exceeded two meters (photo is attached). So, each of us has the freedom to choose the monumentsize (up to the certain pre-specified limits).

And don't worry in terms of finances, my dear Jews. The additional letters cost a little in the mason (one letter is ca. 10€). Suitable images are from 150 to 750€. The appropriate stone colour, its roughness, size, and etc. may cost a little more than that standard, which we already have. So, experiment!

More often money is one of the cheapest means of energy exchange. It can be much more difficult to give it with other means, namely, by our mental and physical health, time, mental state, etc.And there is no escaping for all of us from the universal laws of harmony and balance. I became convinced in that thousand times.

ToraBy the way, I do not fully agree with that rabbi and the aforementioned rule. I think that a large material condition is not given to someone unfairly. A lot of money is not an indicator of human greed (such cases are also possible and frequent, though), and is an indicator of his strength, self-control, life wisdom, knowledge, divine love, etc.Personally, I am outraged by the fact that the current rabbis didn't become smarter than the old one and until now didn't guess the true meaning of funeral rites! Even the line "May his soul be tied in the knot of life"itself is a Karmic crime against the deceased soul. The words "Let his life be saved in eternity" is much more consistent with the objectives and meaning of the rite.The same goes for the circumcision of boys on the eighth day (on this day - it shouldn't be done).

Everything changes, nothing stands still. I am sure that now there are much better ways of adapting to the environment than the one previously found. Rabbis! You are responsible for that the Jews did not lag behind in their spiritual development!

Tell me! Is there something bad, if we place the image of the sun, clouds and seagulls on the grave of my grandfather, who was like the sun to us and was born in Sochi (the image attached)? Are we would not help the soul of the deceased man with that?I would like to know the exact reason for the refusal of our request!

Until today, I was always very grateful to the previous Management Board for the efforts he put into the arrangement and design of our synagogue. Through this,its energy contributes to the human psyche restoration.

In this regard, it is proposed to consider the option of possible finishing (finishing drawing) for the already put gravestones in our cemetery, the permission to write the Russian text, and the exclusion of some lines in Hebrew, up to the last five letters (similar photos of monuments are attached). As an architect and designer for this case I suggest the candidature of Julia Heberle (or may be Yuditskij). I respect her as a worthy last editor of paintings with a highly developed artistic taste.

Wish the best for all of you and may God give you wisdom.

Alexander Makarov (Member of the Jewish community since 1996), Amberg, 13.05.2014

Amberg, den 18.05.2014

P.S. God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. And if someone has no money for the gravestone, so this is not necessary.

Rabbinat Переписка с Мюнхеном.


Здравствуйте уважаемые раввины синагоги мюнхена,

Я пишу Вам от имени еврейской общины г. Амберг. Прошу коротко ответить мне: какой примерный срок необходим Вам для компетентного ответа на мои вопросы? Считаю, что данное обращение было написано с чистой любовью и глубинным смыслом. Оно будет отдано в газету, поэтому просьба позволить, полученный от Вас ответ, тоже передать в редакцию.    

Заранее благодарю за содействие.

С любовью,

Александр Макаров (член синагоги г. Амберга)


Полученный ответ.

Уважаемый господин Макаров,

После собеседования с раввином Др. Левингером, он отвечает на ваши вопросы следующим образом: За определение текстов и размеров надгробных камней отвечают, собственно,  местные раввины.

Этот основной принцип был введен, чтобы не обделять бедных. Надпись на иврите является единственной характерной чертой для еврейских надгробий. Тем не менее, личные добавления текста конечно же не запрещены и могут быть написаны одним или двумя предложения на любом языке.

На мой взгляд, простые рисунки могут быть присоединены, но не портреты.

Но, как уже говорилось, решение о появлении надгробных камнях, лежит исключительно на ваших раввинах.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,

Debora Dobrovinsky, Israelitische Kultusgemeinde, München und Oberbayern K.d.ö.R., Sekretariat des Rabbinats, St.-Jakobs-Platz 18, 80331 München, Tel.: +49-89-202400-221, Fax: +49-89-202400-222,