A copy of this non-exclusive distribution agreement is included in the following packaging: Distribution agreements are sometimes referred to as: sales contract, distribution contract, distribution contract, distribution agreement, distribution policy, form of sale, right of sale form, distribution of agreements. Related documents available on LawLive: C. Distributor undertakes not to participate in the promotion, marketing or sale of competing products or products or in conflict with the manufacturer`s products. The distributor undertakes to provide the manufacturer with a list of items processed by the distributor at the manufacturer`s request to ensure that there is no conflict. The agreement contains both the terms and conditions under which a distribution contract is awarded and the specific conditions under which the distributor will purchase products from the supplier. Therefore, in view of the reciprocal agreements and commitments set out in the agreements, it is agreed that the manufacturer grants the distributor the non-exclusive right to purchase, invent, promote and resell the manufacturer`s products in the following area (the “area”), under the conditions set out in it:: Nothing should prevent or prohibit the manufacturer from purchasing products from the manufacturer to other distributors or directly from other distributors. : ______________________________________________________________________. The distributor will not use, authorize or authorize the use of the name or other trademarks or trade names belonging to the manufacturer as part of its company, company or company name. The distributor will not compete with the manufacturer`s right to use exclusively trademarks or trade names used or claimed by the manufacturer. The distributor may use the manufacturer`s name, trademarks and logos in advertising, stationery and business cards, or on its website, subject to the manufacturer`s instructions regarding the reproduction of these. B.

The manufacturer may terminate this contract if it informs the distributor of one of the following events: (1) the distributor`s failure to fulfill or perform any of the distributor`s obligations, obligations or responsibilities in this agreement, which have not been cured by the manufacturer within 30 days; (2) any transfer of interest in this agreement or the transfer of obligations from the distributor by the distributor without the manufacturer`s written consent; (3) any voluntary or non-voluntary person, voluntary or involuntary, through one right or another, with a substantial interest in direct or indirect ownership or modification of the distributor`s managers; (4) For some reason, the distributor did not comply with its normal business; (5) conviction in a competent court of the distributor or a major partner, principal responsible or major shareholder of the distributor for violation of the law which, according to the manufacturer, infringes the operation or activity of the distributor or the good reputation of the distributor, the goodwill or reputation of the manufacturer, the manufacturer`s products or the distributor; or (6) Filing fraudulent reports or statements by the distributor with the manufacturer, including, but not limited to, claims of refund, credit, rebate, inducement, surcharge, rebate, refund or other payment by the manufacturer.

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