Dealer/private company obligations. This section addresses issues relating to general obligations, the participation agreement, the financing agreement, refinancing, the use of insurance products, uninsurable risks, disclosure of information, disclosure of public information, and security of benefits. Obligations on sectoral issues (for example. B the provision of services provided by other operators) and the various reporting obligations to regulators may also be included in this section or in a separate section. 3.1 The following documents form the whole agreement between the contracting parties and replace all previous agreements, agreements, communications and representations on the purpose: public-private partnerships (PPPs) take a wide range of forms that differ in terms of private participation and risk. The terms of a PPP are typically defined in a contract or agreement in order to outline the responsibilities of each party and clearly apportion the risk. The graph below shows the range of PPP agreements. Describes the problems associated with protecting lenders from losses in the event of termination due to cash defaults of private parties and makes some political suggestions for alternatives. 8.1 Under this Convention, the ILO reports, in accordance with its rules and regulations, and appropriately, any snacks or in nature provided under this Convention. In addition to the PPP contract, there will also be numerous contracts between the SPV and its suppliers and financiers. These include financing agreements between the SPV and its lenders, as well as shareholder agreements between equity investors (see how to finance PPPs to learn more about the structure of PPP contracts).

The PPP contract can only enter into force when these other contractual agreements are in effect. The EPEC Guidelines Guide (EPEC 2011b, 23) lists the themes that should be addressed in a standard PPP contract – examples of standardized PPP contracts and contractual clauses contain other examples. The PPIAF Toolkit for PPP in Highways (WB 2009a) section on contracts describes the extent of contractual agreements that are generally required for different types of PPPs. Description of model agreements for P3s in a number of transportation sectors subcontractor engagement. The purpose of initiating the general rules, the applicable areas, the obligations of the private subcontractors` business are mentioned in this section.

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