It was also argued that questions about diseases should only cover generic names of diseases and not severity. He also wanted to know which aspects of this information were “sensitive.” The non-disclosure and service agreements signed with the company show that ownership of the health data remains the property of the Kerala government, even though it has been temporarily hosted on Sprinklr servers. There is no exchange of financial favors in the agreement. The end date of the Order will be indicated as earlier, (i) September 24, 2020 and/or (ii) the end of the COVID-19 pandemic as mutually agreed by the parties. It is expected that the License Term will be extended by mutual written agreement of the parties (each, a “Renewal Term”). The data retention and support terms correspond to the Silver and Standard categories of the Sprinklr Service Level Agreement (SLA). He adds that the data will be transferred as soon as the contract expires or is terminated. The government made this request in response to a question from the court as to whether the agreement with the company would still remain in effect. Details of the agreement have been published via the website. The agreement, signed on 2 April, expires on 24 September. According to the agreement, data can be collected from March 25 to September 24. Previously, a letter from Sprinkler to the IT secretary also mentioned data protection.

Thiruvananthapuram: Stung by the assault of the congressional opposition on the transfer of data of COVID-19 suspects to the US public relations and marketing company Sprinklr, the Kerala government released the document of the agreement on Wednesday. The agreement states that the final decision on the data belongs to the citizen and will not be abused. “Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of termination and upon request, Sprinklr will extract the customer`s available content from the Platform. Both sides will agree on an acceptable transfer methodology,” the agreement reads. The Kerala government has terminated the agreement with US technology company Sprinklr to collect and manage the health data of Covid-19 patients and patients quarantined in the state. It was also said that all the data has now been uploaded to, even though it was originally in The data is stored in the Amazon cloud in Mumbai and is also encrypted. According to the agreement, Sprinklr is expected to help the state government compile and process the health data of people in quarantine.


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