Get advice if you think your agreement contains unfair terms or if your landlord sticks to something you don`t think is fair. Gain more freedom when moving: A move can be expensive, making it difficult to find your deposit, the first month`s rent, and other costs of the move. A zero deposit guarantee costs the equivalent of a week`s rent and replaces the traditional rental deposit to make renting more affordable. You don`t have a permit or rental just because the landlord says you have one. It depends on your living situation. An AST contains all the conditions of a rental. These terms and conditions range from the obvious things included in each of them, such as the duration of the rental, the deposit paid and the monthly rent, to specific policies that may include whether pets and smoking are allowed in the property. When it comes to the specific guidelines of an AST, the owner can choose to include as little or as much as they want, although they must ensure that all the conditions included are fair and legal. Discrimination based on sex, disability, sexuality or religion is not really illegal if you are a landlord – that is, if you are a female landlord and you would feel more comfortable living with other women and advertising your rent as such, you cannot be charged with a crime – but discrimination on the basis of race. Certain rights and obligations apply regardless of what is set out in the agreement, for example: the liability of an owner for repairs.

Owners can offer fixed-term rental contracts (in Dutch) for 2 years (private sector independent apartments) and for 5 years (non-independent apartments). Independent means having your own entrance as well as a kitchen and bathroom. In some cases, landlords may terminate a lease if the property needs to be vacated urgently, for example for personal use. Temporary rental of an apartment for sale is possible. At the end of the period specified in the AST, if the contract is not renewed, it becomes a periodic short-term lease guaranteed by law. This means that the ast`s terms will continue to apply, but the rental will continue on the basis of the rental plan. .

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